Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Dear esteemed customer, please take note that throughout the entire or whole document the terms such as “us”, “our” and “we” refer to the members of Buysleepingpillukonline.com whereas the term “you” refers to the users of this site. We request all our valued users to go through the Terms and Conditions attentively keeping in mind the assumption that you are more than 18 years old if you are on this website.

Furthermore, the ongoing or continuous use of this website will further mean or imply that you are in agreement with all our Terms and Conditions.

Medical Advice

As many of you may already know that there are a number of factors which can lead to insomnia or lack of sleep. A number of the causes of insomnia are present on our website. However, it is strongly advised or recommended to not just rely on self-diagnosis. We advise all of our customers to seek a professional advice from the general care physician in order to avoid any serious outcomes. All the information provided by us is extremely helpful, but it should not be considered similar to a medical advice which a professional doctor can give. We do not give any type of medical advice on our platform. Furthermore, the use of our products or drugs should be totally at your own discretion.

We further want to place on record or propose that in the event any person suffers from any adverse outcome by using our medicines we will not be held responsible. It is the sole responsibility of the patient or the customer to know about his or her current health conditions, any drug contraindications, side effects which he or she can face and the precautions to be taken etc.  Moreover, if a patient is undergoing some treatment, he or she should keep in mind that such treatments can also negatively interact with sleeping pills or drugs, due to which we ask our customers to perform an extensive research in this field to avoid any complexities in the future.

General Conditions

Our customers should keep this in mind that we reserve the right to hold on to our products and services from you at any time deemed fit. Also, you must agree that you will not use our website, the content and also the products for any commercial uses or purposes, but only for treatment. The only exception to this involves a written permission or proper permission given by us. Our esteemed customer should also keep this in mind that in some rare cases or occasions when we are not able to process the order for medicines we will notify in advance to you and ensure to make refund on payments made by you. Normally the orders are not processed in the event of limited or shortage of medicines or stock which again is very rare.

Accuracy and Completeness of Information

We furthermore want to say that all the information or details which are shared herein are intended to only increase the awareness and knowledge of our esteemed clients or customers and that such information should not be used as a final basis of making decisions which are related to your health. For final decisions regarding your health it is advised to seek an advise of the doctor. If not done so, the online pharmacy will not be liable in the event the information shared herein is incomplete or inaccurate. It is important to keep in mind that details which are shared here are not intended to replace the advice and role of your doctor or health care professional but it is rather to complement it.

Prices and services adjustments:

Further you should note that, we reserve the right to discontinue or terminate our services without giving any prior notice. Also we may also adjust prices without giving any prior notice. Lastly, we are not liable to you or any third party for any changes made to prices of the drugs, suspension of the drugs or discontinuation of the products or offerings.

Legal Disclaimer

  • Those who are using this website should agree that we cannot be held responsible or liable for any side effects or adverse outcomes that you may suffer from as a result of using our products. This means that our products should be used by everyone at their own risk.
  • You our customers are solely responsible for all the custom taxes and import duties, if they are applicable on the purchases made.
  • If you are using this site, you should agree that you do suffer from any medical conditions like a severe heart problem or high blood pressure which can make our products unsafe for consumption. You should also agree that you have read all the information including the side effects, contraindications and interactions.