Return & Refunds

Return & Refunds

Refund Policy:

If the tablet or drug that you ordered was disallowed by the online doctor or pharmacist on-site, we will offer a refund. All refunds are processed through the use of the initial payment technique if possible and can take roughly 5-7 working days to be credited to your account; this timeframe may vary depending on the mode of payment used.

Applicable laws and regulations

By law, is not capable of accepting the returns of any tablet or drug as it is forbidden from being reused once it has left our distribution facility. Returned tablet or drug from anyone must also be disposed of in the in the right manner within 30 days.

You may stop any orders within your rights up to the point at which your said order is posted from the company grounds. The chemist is to guarantee that any returned package will be demolished within 30 days of it being given back. This comprises of sealed boxes which is why our company discourage any such refunds once your deliverables has been posted.

In the event that you are unable to pick up a missed supply or are having your medications redelivered through the use of our messenger services, we can post your placed order to the same or alternative address as long as it has been sent back to us within a 30-day window.

Distance Selling Regulation and Exemption

The Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations implemented in 2000 states that; under the subsequent conditions, you are unable to withdraw your orders:

Except if the applicable parties have decided otherwise, they possess the right to revoke the contract by providing notice of withdrawal pursuant to regulation 10 in deference to contracts

Moreover, in terms of the carefulness displayed by our company relevant to these exact terms and conditions, you may choose to cancel your order as long as it has not been dispatched. Any placed order that is refunded, together with unopened boxes, must be demolished by the pharmacist, so we are deemed safe in case of any foul play act by an outside party since the package contained medicinal products which can be altered.

Returning a product – etiquettes

Should you wish to return your tablet or drug via mail facilities, ensure that you bundle them once more in an appropriate manner before returning them back to us.

When you return your order, be sure that the mail has your full name, address and order number that was given.

Consumer Rights Act:

The Consumer Rights Act 2015 qualifies you to get a financial surety on product that were spoiled as long as you notify for the same in appropriate time. If the damaged product was in your custody for a month then you’ll ought to send your order back before a refund is going to be issued against your name. Upon being contacted, you’ll need to provide clear details on how the product was damaged or received. This will ensure trust so that the goods are either being reimbursed or substituted quickly as stated above.

Faulty products or order:

The sleeping tablets we deliver are manufactured and distributed with great care. The expiration date and state of medicines are double checked before dispatching. Still, if upon receival the medicine is not its optimum form and make, do reach out to us at ([email protected]) or call us during our working hours on number given on our site and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Moreover, a guide is also there in the FAQ section which will help you follow the necessary protocols in case you have got wrong order and/or faulty product.