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Clonazepam belongs to a major class of drugs known as Benzodiazepines. They work based on reducing seizures and panic attacks by acting as a sedative. The drug acts by slowing down brain activity. Rivotril 2mg is readily available in the market and can also be purchased online. The payment can be done in Bank Transfer.

How to use Rivotril sleeping pills

Rivotril 2mg has many other names in the market, but the drug remains the same. If you don’t find a specific name, you can easily opt to go for an alternative. The starting dose for this medication is 1.5mg. The medicine should be taken thrice a day. The dose is increased gradually till all seizures diminish. The recommended dose for adults is 8mg to 10mg. For children, the dose is set based on their BMI (body mass index).

Strengths and benefits of Rivotril 2mg tablets

Rivotril 2mg tablets are fast-acting drugs that produce their effect within an hour of medicine intake. The chemical formula of the drug is C15H10ClN3O3. The molecular mass is 15.715 g/mol. Due to its small mass, the drug is quick to dissociate in the bloodstream. The duration of action can last from 6 o 12 hours.

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Before buying any medication, one must be aware of its mechanism of action in the body. Rivotril acts by increasing the production of GABA- (gamma-aminobutyric acid) in the body. this chemical is responsible for sending signals to the entire body. Deficiency of GABA results in an excited state, which causes seizures and panic attacks.


The medicine is available in two doses i.e 0.5mg as well as 2mg. Usually, a doctor recommends a lower dose to his patients so that side effects are minimized. If however, the patient is not improving from a lower dose, a higher is given by the doctor to get the desired results.

Side effects of Rivotril 2mg Sleeping pills

A doctor should be immediately contacted if the following side effects are observed: drowsiness, dizziness, delayed reaction, unsteadiness, lightheadedness, clumsiness, and muscle weakness.

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