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Co-codamol 30/500mg tablets is a very common pain killer. It is a modified form of paracetamol. The medicine is taken by patients for just a few days. Sometimes even a single dose is enough to get rid of the pain. If you are experiencing pain and are unable to find paracetamol, co-codamol is a great substitution. The medicine can be purchased easily from a nearby pharmacy. It is also present in abundance in online stores.

How to use Co-codamol Sleeping pills

The medicine comes in embossed tablets which are round as well as flat. The medicine can be eaten orally. Usually, a treatment’s duration is about 3 days. If a patient experiences no pain relief, a doctor must be contacted immediately.

Strengths and benefits of Co-codamol Tablets

The composition of each tablet is 500mg Paracetamol and 30mg Codeine Phosphate. The medicine is a fast-acting drug and will start giving off its effect in a matter of 20 minutes. The medicine is best suited for patients suffering from headaches like migraine, muscle pain as well as toothache. Thus, it can be stated that it is a multi-purpose drug.

Buy Co-codamol in the UK and learn its working mechanism

Like all other pain killers in the market, Co-comadol has a great affinity for pain receptors. It blocks the pain receptors and shuts down the action potential which is generating pain impulses. Once the nerve signals have been stopped, a patient experiences less pain.


The medicine is not prescribed to children. Adults are required to take two tablets per day with a gap of 4 to 6 hours. A reduced dose is recommended for the elderly. For teenagers, a suitable dose is one tablet with a gap of six hours. The dosage can be increased if the patient is not recovering.

Side effects

Common side effects of taking a pain killer include constipation and low appetite. Some patients may also experience a little bit of nausea. Overall the side effects are negligible as the medication is well-suited to a person’s metabolism.

Where to buy Co-codamol in the UK

For buying Co-codamol in the UK, one must approach a renowned law firm that masters in the dealings of purchasing as well as selling. Proper terms and conditions are negotiated with the owner so that a deal is sold out fair and square. So just hope on and Buy sleeping pills UK to say goodbye to your sleeping issues.

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