Privacy Policy:

The privacy policy of comprises as per accordance with the laws that govern the UK and European Union regulatory bodies. These relevant laws concerning the usage and collection of data are clearly stated. When you use or visit or online store, you are agreeing with the doctrine of information and giving consent to the privacy policy along with terms and conditions of the company. 

Change in privacy policy:

The privacy policy of can be subject to change without prior notice, as the company deems necessary and fit to do so. Here, at sleeping pills UK, we give all our clients complete liberty and access to regularly check our site domain. You can read over our important pages including terms of service, relative conditions and so on before purchasing any of our sleeping tablets.

What information we collect of our clients:

Our online store of sleeping pills collects relevant data and information needed to run the website, along with the banking details and personal data of our clients – also known as identifiable data. These details pertaining to collected header is non-identifiable data such as browser name, IP address and operating system at the time of customer logging in. This information is also subject to third parties; however, we do not share our users’ personal data with anyone under our privacy clause. Hence, our online store makes sure that customer information is completely secure and encrypted for maximum protection. Online visitors and users must submit the correct information when they’re providing their names, billing addresses, delivery information, payment modes and banking details. This information is vital in ensuring that products are delivered on time and at right destination.

How the information is processed:

Furthermore, it is imperative to note that Identifiable and non-identifiable data collected by our online store’s database is utilized in accordance with necessary regulations to optimize clients’ online experience. This is to ensure it is a user-friendly, efficient, and credible domain to visit. Sleeping pills customers will be given surety that their banking details and personal data is only used to approve and confirm orders. We, at, may however choose to contact customers/clients and inform them of relevant promotions packages and pricing catalogs at times. We do not disclose any personal data of end-users to any third party, unless or otherwise required by law to do so, and we offer a stable and credible platform to procure sleeping pills online.

Use of cookies:

The company use cookies to improve our users’ experience with us online and this further allows the service providers that are affiliated with us to also define the non-identifiable information of an end-user or customer. We are in full control of this function and we possess the right to discontinue granting permission to any such third parties if we find it in the best interest of our users and clients. We work in close conjunction with certain third-party service providers to ensure our users have an overall satisfying experience whenever they interact with us and buy from our online store. However, we do not provide access to important personal information of our users to any third-party members. Users are also given an option and are in full control of accepting or rejecting any cookies from our website via their browser settings – this will of-course provide satisfaction to their online experience and give them the freedom to utilize our platform as intended.

Security updates and data protection:

The store is always seeking ways to provide the best features for our online users, so that the experience is worthy and safe. This also entails incorporating important security updates periodically to make sure that protection of personal information and optimum customer care is optimum. Our company processes all payments on a secure web server and the website domain is SSL encrypted.

Still no satisfied, Reach Out to Us:

Please take a little time out of your online visit and go through our Terms and Conditions. This visit may provide you with other important pages as well, including the FAQs section to vent out any confusion and provide clarity. If you still think you have queries or concerns left, do reach out to our customer care team via the Contact Us page.