Health effects of long term sleeping pill use

Health effects of long term sleeping pill use

Health effects of long term sleeping pill use

Why aren’t you sleeping?

We often put ourselves down for a good long nap after a long hectic day but some of us are not able to sleep or wake up again and again during the night. If this occurs every other day, then it can be assumed you are experiencing some sort of sleeping disorder. And this may be the underlying reason for why you are not getting enough sleep. Even if you are diagnosed with a sleeping disorder, you should not worry about it at all for sleeping pills are there to make it go away in no time at all!

The Good Side Of Sleeping Pills

Taking sleeping pills help you out with getting rid of all your sleep problems. We often have a routine of working throughout the day and then experiencing insomnia at night. Your inability to fall asleep or remain asleep can all be gone by taking sleeping pills. Other than this, those people who have issues with their neurotransmitters, hormones, or brain functionality in any way can also make their dysfunctionalities go away in the blink of an eye. However, with the good side, comes the bad side as well. One must have sufficient knowledge to decide what is best for him.

The Not-so-bright side of sleeping pills

To take or not to take sleeping pills has been an ever-going discussion in the medical world. A lot of doctors actually want their patients to improve their sleep cycles through diet and exercise. They recommend that the sleep-wake cycles should be regulated by natural means and not by any external means. They do not want patients to become reliant on sleeping pills. This is the best recommendation on their behalf.

However, in cases where it cannot be improved by improving lifestyle, the medication comes in handy. There are strict guidelines for using sleeping pills and most people make the mistake of not reading them thoroughly. Through this article, we need to understand the long-term effect sleeping pills can have on your body and how they will affect your daily life in the long run.

1.  Development of Insomnia

With every sleeping pill comes the time duration. Mostly the sleeping pills are not prescribed for more than a month’s time duration. In mild cases, they are given for just 7 to 10 days. Specific time duration is mentioned so that a person doesn’t develop resistance towards the medication. The doctor always starts by giving a minimum dose and if that doesn’t work, the doctor increases it by assessing a patient’s condition. If you want to buy sleeping pills UK, then it’s just a couple of clicks away.

Whereas, high dose is not recommended so that a patient does not develop resistance at an early stage. The right dose is set by starting on a lower concentration and moving towards a high dose only when the previous dose concentration has no effect.

Insomnia can develop in two conditions:

  • Overdosing of medication
  • Continuing medication longer than the prescribed period

In such cases, instead of being cured of your illness, the illness comes back with a stronger backlash, and then the person has to restart on some other medicines as the person has become resistant towards the current ones. That is why it must be kept in mind that the guidelines are very important and must be adhered to while taking sleeping pills.

2. Depression

Taking sleeping pills habitually can lead to depression. Depression is a mental state in which a person feels low all the time and lacks energy even to do the smallest of daily tasks. Having depression directly affects your intake of food. In some people, the consumption becomes more while in others it can be observed that they lose their appetite all of a sudden. Depression is usually triggered by overdosing on sleeping pills. If you keep taking sleeping pills, they start lowering your brain activity, making you feel numb all the time and in the long run it develops into depression.

Depression can also occur if you stop taking your sleeping pills all of a sudden or if there are gaps in your medicine intake. Irregular patterns of medication are not good for your health. That is why it is advised that one must take medicine alongside meals so that one doesn’t forget to take his or her medication at the right time.

For dealing with depression, the doctor has to start you on anti-depressants and their side effects are worse than the ones experienced after taking a sleeping pill. That is why one should be regular with his medicine intake so that onset of depression can be avoided at all costs.

National Institute on Drug Abuse

National institute on drug abuse is located in Maryland, America and it is a drug regulating authority. The main purpose of establishing this organization was to have an eye over the drugs being made worldwide and their possible side effects. The national institute on Drug abuse works on the profile of every drug very thoroughly. In this they overview and critically analyze all the clinical trials and its results before the drug is dispatched for commercialization. All the possible side effects are also viewed and it is made sure that no drug brings lethality to patients. Then guidelines are established of how a particular drug should be used for its maximum efficiency.

The dos and don’ts are defined by a panel of doctors and then these guidelines are printed so that every other doctor in the world can understand its usage before prescribing it to patients. The national institute on drug abuse makes sure that no drug is being marketed without their consent so that drug abuse can be avoided at an international as well as national level.

Concluding Remarks

Sleep pattern disturbances are common but so is the usage of sleeping pills. When you buy sleeping pills online, you should take them wisely with a little precaution. So that the condition doesn’t prolong and is treated well within time. If you start developing an addiction or resistance towards them, then counter medication becomes an immediate necessity.

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